Immortelle 43 | 17 - Splash Bottle

Immortelle 43 | 17 - Splash Bottle

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Dalmatian Coast

Sundrenched fields of golden blossoms blanket bright coastal cliffs. A heady haze of wildflower honey and caramelised orange peels. Verdant hills traversed by vineyards and olive groves. The memory of the brilliant blue Adriatic.

Immortelle’s intoxicating aroma is a heady balm, an elixir that conjures feelings of radiance, buoyancy, and vitality.

Notes of:

  • Dalmatian Coast Immortelle
  • Sunbaked Spices
  • Wildflower Honey
  • Caramelised Orange Peels
  • Orris & Ambergris

Carta's newest offering, Immortelle 43|17, features Immortelle, a bewitching essential oil steam-distilled from the Helichrysum italicum blossoms. The numbers correspond to the geographical coordinates from where the oil is sourced — the Dalmatian Coast at 43° North, 17° East.

The essential oils in this pure parfum were sourced from two small family-owned farms in Bosnia Herzegovina and on the island of Hvar, in Croatia. The helichrysum italicum plants were sustainably cultivated and harvested, with reverence for maintaining the biodiversity, ecological balance, water resources, and soil quality of their respective regions.

Carta's 15ml bottle achieves a longstanding goal to offer extrait de parfum in packaging that is as sustainable as it is beautiful. Each splash bottle is closed with a fitted ground-glass globe stopper, eliminating the need for plastic pumps, caps, and tubes, and is hand-sealed using an artisanal technique called baudruchage.

A portion of the proceeds from all Carta sales is returned to Camino Verde, the only organisation in the world distilling Moena Alcanfor, the essential oil featured in Carta's debut fragrance, Moena 12|69. Learn more about Camino Verde’s work to reforest the Peruvian Amazon HERE.

Suggested Use

To best enjoy your fragrance, apply sparingly to pulse points.

Sillage: 6 + hours. Immortelle 43|17 is an extrait de parfum, which is a highly concentrated scent.

A bottle lasts a very long time, and like a good bottle of wine, the composition ages and matures to provide a more rich balance of the top, mid and base notes.


Keepsake box constructed from recycled fibers
15ml clear glass bottle with glass stopper