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Sundazed - Organic Incense
Sundazed - Organic Incense
Sundazed - Organic Incense

Sundazed - Organic Incense

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Sundazed mixes the savouriness of middle earth with the overbearing sweetness of a Sunday afternoon at the Pass in High-Summer.

Full-bodied with soft tannins and a spicy finish. Light one up & smell Sundazed for yourself, or what we like to call it...Frankincense on toast.

A combination of organic, hand-rolled herbs derived from a sustainable single farming practice in the hills of Indonesia. These incense sticks are extra concentrated and extra chunky for that long, lingering burn, whilst the drama of the smoke adds a mesmerising quality to the senses.


Suggested Use

Place in an incense holder on a solid surface, light tip, blow out flame & enjoy.


100% natural hand rolled blend of exotic flower essences, oils and herbs.


Recyclable paper envelope + sealed paper bag
8 x 11cm (4 hour) long burning sticks for a total burn time of 32hrs per pack.

Please take care to maintain a safe distance from flammable materials and do not leave unattended.