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Wooden Spoon Herbs All Purpose Salve healing balm for bites, burns, itches and scratches. Certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients for all natural skincare. Available at Saint Francis Place, Smith Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

All Purpose Salve

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Bites, burns, itches and scratches are no match for this healing salve. Infused with herbs that soothe irritated skin and keep infections at bay, this salve works great for wounds old and new.

Yarrow is a fantastic wound healer. It brings blood to the area, helping resolve to old wounds, and is also highly antibacterial, making it perfect for new ones.

Plantain is drawing, soothing, and cooling, making it perfect for everything from bee stings to sunburns.

Usnea is a highly anti-microbial lichen that helps wounds stay free of pathogens, while also soothing them with its cooling energy.

Suggested Use:

Warm the salve with your fingertips and lightly massage a small amount over the affected area.


Apricot Oil*, Raw Beeswax*, Yarrow*, Pine**, Usnea**, Plantain*

*Certified organic **Wild-harvested


8ml glass jar + plastic lid