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Produced originally as desert markers for 'Launches', in 2015 for the Tinning Street Gallery in Brunswick, 'Flowers' is an interpretation on wild flowers utilising industrial materials to emulate the gentle movement and subtle light qualities often appreciated in nature. This iteration is housed in an elegant vase handmade from raw materials to allow viewers to enjoy 'Flowers' in an indoor environment, as they react to movement and light throughout the seasons.

Each flower is lasercut from brass, hand-shaped, tapped and soldered to brass stems. They are then individually aged, polished and waxed, so that no two flowers look exactly the same.

The vase is made up of multiple components of mild steel, brass, and precision steel tubing imported from Switzerland to provide a stable and exacting base for each trio of flowers. The components are meticulously hand-cut and tapped. Brass and steel adornments have been carefully lathed and shaped to provide each vase its unique character and charm.

All steel and brass has been waxed and polished to prevent surface rust. Handmade in Brunswick, VIC.

A percentage of proceeds from this special item will be donated to the APY Art Centre Collective in support of preserving the culture and creativity of the First Nations People of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands).


Mild steel, brass, 6.5mm Swiss precision steel tubing


Approx. 1.69kg
83 cm(H) x 5 cm(D) Flowers + Vase

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