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BLOCKS - Incense Holder III
BLOCKS - Incense Holder III
BLOCKS - Incense Holder III
BLOCKS - Incense Holder III

BLOCKS - Incense Holder III

James Walsh
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BLOCKS by James Walsh debuted at Melbourne Design Week 2020. The 'Incense Holder Collection' is part of the larger body of work, re-interpreting the three smaller vessel shapes as participants of a daily ritual that lends a moment of pause and creates sacred space within the home/office.

Incense Holder III has a small pitcher-shaped lip. Each incense holder is accompanied by 1-2 bags of Miyako Ash, which helps keep incense sticks upright. Incense sticks are sold separately.

Terracotta pottery, raw exterior finish, high-gloss glaze interior finish
Dimensions - H11 x W20 x D15cm (approx)
Includes 2 bag of Miyako Ash to hold incense

Each vessel is formed and glazed individually. Please be aware there may be variations in colour and finish. As the exterior finish is raw terracotta clay, natural aging and darkening over time will occur and add to its unique beauty.

About the work

BLOCKS is a concept that gives new life to an age-old process with the assistance of modern techniques in the precision manufacture of Terracotta objects. 

Presenting a family of vessels, Walsh highlights how a range of modular plaster moulds can be combined into countless configurations to demonstrate the potential of slipcasting. With the influence of 3D printing in the production of the moulds, each terracotta object demonstrates subtle references to contemporary technology that is only noticeable in the finer details.

With reference to archaic forms found in old and new architecture, as well as longevity in materiality, these artefacts are designed and considered to intertwine with the contemporary and post contemporary interior.

Walsh is an award-winning industrial designer currently working and living in Sydney, Australia.

A percentage of proceeds from this special item will be donated to the APY Art Centre Collective in support of preserving the culture and creativity of the First Nations People of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands).


Reusable/recyclable kraft cardboard box
Terracotta Incense Holder
2x Bags of Miyako Ash