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Copper Tongue Scraper

Copper Tongue Scraper

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Oral care in the form of washing and rinsing has been prescribed by Ayurveda for thousands of years to both enliven the sensory organs, purify the mind, and remove toxins from the mouth.

Often overlooked, cleaning the tongue provides a host of benefits ranging from balancing the heavy, dulling qualities of the Kapha dosha in our physiology, helping to clear halitosis (bad breath), increase agni (the body’s digestive fire), and boosting overall immune function.

The removal of toxins forming a white sticky coating on the tongue after sleep prevents their re-absorption back into the body.

Suggested Use

Taking the copper tongue scraper from the back of the tongue, firmly graze the top of the tongue to the tip. Rinse scraper between each stroke. Repeat until your tongue looks clean and free of white coating.


Sealed plastic envelope