Citrus & Geranium Lymphatic Scrub

Citrus & Geranium Lymphatic Scrub

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Exfoliate | Circulate | Stimulate

This bright and sunny herbal salt blend is mixed with Poke Root infused oil to stimulate the lymphatic system. Together they uplift, polish skin, invigorate the senses, and facilitate movement of lymph.

Lymph is the fluid that carries white blood cells throughout the body and is responsible for the body’s immunity - it is one of the body’s primary filtration systems. Unlike blood, which is dependent on the mechanics of the heart to pump and ensure circulation, the lymphatic system relies on one-way valves to return lymphatic fluid to the nodes. Many lymph nodes are located just below the surface of the skin, which makes regular gentle stimulation of the skin an effective way to promote healthy lymphatic function.

Suggested Use

Starting at the extremities, from the base of your feet and your hands, massage the salt scrub in circular motions along the surface of the skin moving towards the heart. Allow the scrub to permeate and rinse gently, leaving a light residue of the oil to continue absorbing into the skin to hydrate and stimulate.

For best results, finish shower with hot/cold water intervals to continue flushing the organs of excess toxins - this is the best time to detox and increase circulation.


(All organic or wild): Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan salt, Hudson Valley sunflower oil, castor oil, almond oil, fresh poke root, fresh citrus peel, rose geranium hydrosol.


177ml (6 oz) glass jar + aluminium screw cap