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Immunity Now

Immunity Now

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Sip in the immune support of the entire forest in this delicious elixir. Each dropperful unites mushrooms, flowers, berries, and leaves so you can fight back the moment you feel at risk of illness. Mother Nature is on your side.*

Echinacea may be the most famous of all herbs and is well-known for its ability to support folks through their ailments. It boosts the immune system, rallying the troops to fight.

Elderberry supports a balanced immune system, calming it when overactive, and revving it up when necessary.

Suggested Use

Take 10-30 drops direct from the dropper under the tongue for quick absorption, every few hours when needed.


Echinacea*, Elderberry**, Reishi*, Elderflower*, Certified Non-GMO Cane Spirits, Spring Water

*Certified organic, **Cultivated without chemicals


30ml glass bottle + glass dropper + plastic/rubber lid