Lauren's All Purpose Serum
Lauren's All Purpose Serum

Lauren's All Purpose Serum

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A lovely lightweight serum that helps reduce redness, hydrates without the oiliness of thicker oils, and is a healing ally.

LAP Serum is the perfect 100% organic oil blend for dry, dull facial skin. Use daily for glowing, nourished, just-got-a-facial feels.

Suggested Use

As a face serum: After cleansing, use 4-6 drops of LAP Serum directly on the face. This light, healing oil works well layered under other products or mixed together with (like the LAP Salve) or simply by itself!

For all over hydration: Place 10 drops in your hand. Spray a toner or hydrosol 1-2 inches away from the oil in your had to emulsify the liquid. Lightly mix by rubbing hands together and apply to clean skin - legs, arms, etc.


Oil cleanser: Use 8 drops on dry skin. Rub in between your fingers and then massage into your face for 2-3 minutes. Watch as your pores begin to release dirt, dead skin, etc. It's like a natural Bioré strip. Best to practice after the shower.

Scar Treatment: Apply to scars 3-5 times throughout the day to assist in healing.

Ingrown Hairs: Use directly after shaving to treat and prevent pesky ingrown hairs.

Ingredients (all organic & active)

Hemp seed oil This lightweight oil is non-comedogenic, so it does not clog pores. Thus, it's perfect for all skin types. Holds the same molecular shape as the oil your skin makes naturally so it will penetrate all the way past your skin to the hair follicles - aka DEEP moisture. It's also a humectant, meaning it holds 100x times its weight in water. 

Burdock root This extremely anti-inflammatory root has been used for 1000s of years in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) to treat all sorts of skin conditions including eczema, acne and psoriasis. Reduces redness and irritation. 

Rose Otto oil (sourced from Bulgaria) Considered to be the 'Queen of Oils', Rose Otto oil is great for mature, aging skin. Stimulates circulation, tones and boosts the collagen network. Rejuvenates tired-looking skin. Balances combination skin. Give your face a regal boost!

Process: LAP infuse 100% organic Hemp Seed Oil with Burdock root for 6 weeks. The Burdock root is strained out of the oil. The infusion is then mixed with organic Rose Otto essential oil sourced from Bulgaria. 


15ml (0.5oz) Recyclable amber glass bottle + dropper OR
30ml (1oz) Recyclable amber glass bottle + pump