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Elixir Powder No 7 - Immortality

Elixir Powder No 7 - Immortality

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Longevity | Elevation | Radiance

Pulse with the life force of nature's finest tonic herbs.


Traverse the eternal moment through constellations of nature’s most potent life enhancers; astragalus, ashwaganda, he shou wu and shilajit. Uplifted and supported, the traveller sparkles with lifeforce energy.

Suggested Use

Start with sprinkling 1/2 teaspoon (building up to 1 teaspoon) to any cup of hot or cold liquid. Delicious with warm organic milk of your choice, blended into your daily smoothie or sprinkled through your favourite recipe.

The slight bitterness of the powder combines well with bitter foods such as coffee, chocolate, and tea.

Suggested Recipe


1/2 tsp Immortality Elixir Powder
2 tbsp Cacao
300ml Coconut Mylk
1 tsp coconut nectar
Pinch Cayenne
Pinch Unicorn Horn Velvet

Combine all dry ingredients in a mug, before slowly pouring in gently warmed mylk.


Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Shilajit, Lion's Mane, Gingko, Schisandra, Mucuna, He Shou Wu, Camu Camu

Please kindly note: These formulas are not a medicinal supplement. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health concerns, please consult your health practitioner prior to use.