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Premium Organic Castor Oil

Premium Organic Castor Oil

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100% Premium Organic Castor Oil - Rasasara Skinfood's Organic Castor Oil is one of nature’s most effective natural skin moisturisers. Castor creates soft, supple, and fully hydrated skin. It has a myriad of benefits from cellulite reduction, thickening hair, clearing acne, relieving pigmentation to reducing the appearance of fine or deep facial lines. Try mixing castor with your favourite face or body oil for added hydration, especially during drier months.

Almost 90% of castor's fatty acid content consists of rinoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that, whilst building elastin, collagen and fighting free radicals, has proven effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds, including, the growth of bacteria that causes acne.

Castor also acts as a preventative protector by averting the build up of dead cells that may delay wound healing through improved blood and lymphatic circulation to the face.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the texture of castor oil is a key component. The thick, smooth, soft, sticky, unctuous Kaphic qualities of castor, negate the dry, light, rough, Vata qualities – responsible for the ageing process.

Suggested Use

Application and benefits for all skin types:

Fine or deep line reduction The ratio is 2/3 face nourishing oil, 1/3 castor. Apply morning and night. Add aloe serum to emulsify the oils, so they are readily absorbed for fast hydration.

Pimples, blemishes, acne Even oily skin will benefit from castor oil.  A dab of castor oil on a deep pimple or blocked pore, will relieve trapped toxins completely or loosen the pore. Again add castor oil to Kapha face nourishing oil (as per the ratio mentioned above) – the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil assist in relieving acne and scarring.

Stretch marks, stretched skin & cellulite The sticky, thick, smooth, lymphatic boosting properties of castor will diminish cellulite, stretch marks & tone stretched skin. Apply warm as a massage oil, using a 50/50 ratio of Vata Body Oil to Castor Oil. You may apply neat, however many people do not enjoy the stickiness of castor, so applying with another carrier oil makes it emollient and spreadable. Please note, this treatment won’t work over night, however with daily application over 2 to 3 months you will see a positive effect.

Pain relief Lather castor onto the affected site, cover with cloth, and rest whilst you apply a heat pack for 10 -15 minutes until the oil is absorbed. This treatment helps ease lower back, abdominal and period pain and is notable after the treatment.


Cold-pressed castor oil*



Recyclable kraft paper box
475ml glass amber bottle + aluminium cap