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Sculpture - Rhodonite

Sculpture - Rhodonite

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Bearer of Compassion

When we feel hurt by others we often choose to retaliate and argue, or retreat out of fear. When we are feeling lost and alone, this stone whispers to us the paradox: even in darkness there is love. 

Rhodonite is a shimmery, uplifting and grounding companion that holds us in our self-worth, re-examining situations so we can meet ourselves and others with love, acceptance and compassion.

Cosmic Crystals from Uwenna. Each crystal is unique and resonates in its own way to the one that finds them. Uwenna finds crystals to help support you in your everyday moments.

10% of proceeds from this special item will be donated to the APY Artist Collective in support of preserving the culture and creativity of the First Nations People of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands).

A moment with your crystal

Trust your intution to place the sculpture where its energy is most needed or welcome - near your bedside, in the reading room, at the head of your yoga mat.

Notice how it changes or interacts with your sense of space.


Approx. 426g
50mm(W) x 35mm(D) x 100mm(H)

Comes in a handmade linen pouch by @donkertydonk.

Note: This is a natural stone that has been gently polished to maintain its organic shape. Some rough patches or fissures are part of its natural texture and reveals its complex formation.