Ritual Incense Kit

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Enjoy Bodha's most loved incense duo, Ground & Calm, with the Ritual Incense Kit.

The Ritual Incense Kit comes in a hand-made Japanese kiri wood box and includes a box of Ground & Calm incense + 30 Ritual Cards to inspire, ponder & prompt. The Ritual Incense Kit is a timeless keepsake to store your incense and designed to last for years to come.

The Ritual Incense Kit includes:

  • Ground & Calm Smokeless Ritual Incense x 1 box each
  • Ritual Cards x 30
  • Handmade wooden box

Made in Japan.


Handmade Japanese kiri wood box.
50 x 14cm (20 minute) sticks for a total burn time of 16hrs per box.
30 Ritual Cards.

Please take care to maintain a safe distance from flammable materials and do not leave unattended.