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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet sleepytime herbs swirl together to provide bedside support for those restless nights. This potion is more gentle than your usual sleep aid, and won’t leave you hungover. Take a few drops before bed, and be blissfully dreaming in no time.

Valerian root comes from a tall, pink-flowered plant that is famous for its sleep-inducing qualities. Some say the roots are stinky, but coated in sugary glycerine they taste sweet as pie.

Skullcap is native to the temperate woodlands of the world. It’s a fantastic calming nervine and also acts as a nerve tonic, supporting the nervous system as an ally over time.

Suggested Use

Take 30 drops 15 minutes before bedtime.



Valerian root*, skullcap*, passionflower*, distilled water, vegetable glycerine*



30ml glass bottle + glass dropper + plastic/rubber lid