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Tridoshic Cleansing Compress Drops

Tridoshic Cleansing Compress Drops

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Palmarosa | Jasmine | Cedarwood 

A staple treatment to achieve clear, soft, glowing skin – gently detoxifying – whilst hydrating and calming the skin. The application of pure essential oils and warm water softens and cleanses. Toxins are expelled and removed, without disturbing the pH of the skin.

The art of compressing: Cleansing compress drops, also known as ‘comfort drops’, soothe the body-mind. Compressing works the lymph and the natural essential oils are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. If you have dry, sensitive or oily skin you will be inspired by the result of warm compresses. If you love the aromatherapy, add them to your next hot bath. Compressing the skin upon waking & sleeping is beneficial for all 3 doshas (skin types). All skin types benefit from compressing as an alternative cleansing agent.

During a compress essential oils are inhaled directly and penetrate into the central mind channel where olfactory nerves generate nervous system responses to the rest of the body. The Prana, a Vata energetic, is stimulated & strengthened. Compressing is therefore a very powerful tool for those who are prone to operating from the sympathetic nervous system.

Please note: Due to the high essential oil composition, Cleansing Compress Drops are not for use directly on the skin – instead they are diluted in water.

Suggested Use

Add a few drops in a basin or bowl of warm water. Taking a fresh face cloth, submerge the cloth into the bowl and gently squeeze excess moisture. Carefully cover the face and décolletage to create a warm compress to soften fine lines, sleep creases, loosen blackheads and clear congestion.

For delicate, sensitive or inflamed skin: Follow the above suggestions with lukewarm water.

Tip: Apply your favourite vitamin oil, serum or nourishing balm and use a compress to infuse it deeply into your skin.


Almond (Prunus dulcis) Based Solubilizer, Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini)*, Jasmine (Jasminum) Absolute, Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) Essential Oils.

*Certified Organic


60ml glass bottle + glass dropper + plastic/rubber top