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Vibration No3 - Air

Vibration No3 - Air

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With notes of spring blossom, cucumber & golden resins, Air is the luminous energy of limitless potential.

Made from petals, leaves & sacred resins, Air imbues a sense of lightness & wonder.

Heartnote Spring blossoms
Bouquet Petals, cucumber & golden resins
Properties Imbues a sense of lightness & wonder

Hand-made 100% natural perfume oil, absolutely no petroleum derivatives.

Suggested Use

Dab behind your ears, wrists & over your heart as part of your daily ritual or anytime you want to balance & calm.


Green mandarin rind, Ho-leaf extract, Ylang flower III extract, Watermint extract, Violet leaf absolute, Copaiba balsam, Organic fractionated coconut oil.

Please note Some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the all natural ingredients.


Recyclable paper box
15ml glass roller-bottle