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Pre-Consumer Recycled Barrette

Pre-Consumer Recycled Barrette

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This barrette was developed in an effort to reduce waste. Securely clips back bangs and holds all hair types in a half-up style.

Machine-made using scrap material from the factory that manufactures other Winden combs and barrettes, this barrette requires little human labor to produce, allowing for a more affordable price-point. Despite the unique cost, the quality and longevity of this barrette remain the same as Winden's other products. The mixture of many different scraps in varying colors, with no added dyes or chemicals, results in a cool, easy gray with subtle nuances.

Winden barrettes, combs, and clips are manufactured by a family-owned and operated company in France. Each piece is created using cellulose acetate manufactured in Italy and plated stainless steel made in France, both in accordance with the European REACH regulations.

Cellulose acetate is prepared by introducing an acetyl group (like vinegar) to cellulose (a major component of cell walls that surround plants). The addition of an acetyl group to cellulose makes it a semi-synthetic material much like rayon or viscose. The cellulose used in Winden pieces is derived from wood and cotton linters.

Suggested Use

Gently open clip by gently pushing clasp. Whilst holding hair in desired style with opposite hand, secure clip.

Care: Occasionally wipe clip with a soft damp cloth to keep clean. Refrain from scrubbing or abrasive surfaces to avoid scratches.


  • Measures: 4 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Composition: 100% pre-consumer recycled cellulose acetate
  • All hair types
  • Made in France