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Migraine Melter

Migraine Melter

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Use this herbal blend to support the body during a headache or migraine. Calming herbs are combined with bitter feverfew and soothing violet leaf to loosen the tension up top.

Skullcap is native to temperate woodlands of the world. It’s a fantastic calming nervine and also acts as a nerve tonic, supporting the nervous system as an ally over time.

California poppy is one of the milder poppies, gently calming in its action. It is often known as wild flower found all over California, but bottled from an organic farm in this tincture.

Feverfew is a classic migraine herb. It’s intense bitterness grounds you in your body, forcing you to be present and let go of whatever’s causing tension.

Suggested Use:

Take 20-30 drops every half-hour direct from the dropper under the tongue for acute onsets or for preventative measures, take 20 drops daily.


Skullcap*, California Poppy*, Lavender*, Feverfew*, Violet*, Certified Non-GMO Cane Spirits, Distilled Water

*Certified organic


30ml glass bottle + glass dropper + plastic/rubber lid