About Us

SAINT FRANCIS PLACE is a carefully selected collection of natural beauty and skin care products in a retail experience that is tactile and inviting to the senses.

 Our Collection

We showcase the best in natural beauty and skincare from artisanal brands and small-batch producers who are dedicated to keeping their ingredients simple, organic, and focused on results.

We understand that switching to natural skin care and beauty can sometimes be a paradigm shift - there's likely to be a difference in texture, scent, and packaging or may even require more careful consideration with application techniques. Our collection features brands that aim to combine high-quality organic and natural ingredients that focus on results, but pleasantly redefines the conventions of skin care and beauty in a unique way, so that the transition is almost a welcome change to the convention.

Our Shop

With an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and performance, each brand is represented by the best of their offering. We want our customers to engage with each product - to test, smell, and experience - and feel empowered to make a conscientious decision to go natural for their health and also the environment.

We can’t wait for you to experience our collection and the brands that are evolving the boundaries of organic skin care and beauty. 

Photo credit: Han Chua - @hanchua