SAINT FRANCIS PLACE is a natural selection of skincare, beauty and wellness from artisanal brands.

Our Collection

We are passionate about supporting artisanal brands and small-batch producers who are dedicated to keeping their ingredients simple, organic and nourishing.

We understand that switching to natural skincare and beauty can sometimes be a paradigm shift - there's likely to be a difference in texture, scent and packaging or may require more careful consideration with application techniques. Our collection features brands that combine high-quality organic and natural ingredients, whilst also pleasantly evolving the conventions of skincare and beauty in a unique way, so that the transition is a welcome change to the every day.

Farm to Skin Ethos

We believe that a close, respectful communion with nature is key to maintaining a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. When we select products for our collection, we apply a 'farm to skin' ethos to ensure the origin and quality of ingredients are gentle on the farmers, producers and creatures of the Earth, as well as providing care and nourishment to our skin and body.

Slow Retail

We appreciate the process of thoughtful consideration - the kind of deliberate assessing and editing that takes into consideration the complexity of human context. Though it can often take more time and effort, and feel laborious at times, we believe this type of approach to retail is more sustainable and allows for true quality to be appreciated. We love sharing new things, but we also enjoy seeing products from our collection becoming daily staples that add a bit of sustenance to the day.


Photo credit: Jessie Web