At SAINT FRANCIS PLACE, we opt for organic, biodynamic, and/or wild-harvested products where possible to ensure the ingredients used are exposed to lower levels of toxic metals and chemical pesticides, which is better for us and the planet.

All products are cruelty free, which means we do not test on animals, and the brands we stock do not test on animals or source from suppliers who test on animals.

Any products containing palm oil or beeswax are ethically sourced or from sustainable suppliers.


We care about the environment as much as our customers. The packaging we use for purchases will be from socially responsible or recycled sources or up-cycled and reused where possible.

Online Orders

Where possible, a 'Recycled Box' will be used to package up online orders to help reduce waste. These are previously used cardboard boxes received from our lovely suppliers or customers, so there may be small scuffs and marks indicating a pre-loved outer box, but rest assured, the contents inside are lovingly hand-wrapped and packaged.


Small businesses play a vital role in giving back to the community because the community play a vital role in supporting small businesses. We will continue to make every effort to donate our time, space and money where we can to expand the reach of our customer's support beyond our shop door. These are some of the ways we currently give back:

APY Art Centre Collective Creativity is the foremost expression of sentient beings - capturing emotion, representing culture and often defining periods of history. In support of preserving the culture and creativity of the First Nations People of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (APY Lands), we donate a percentage of proceeds from purchased artwork in our window to the APY Art Centre Collective.